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Lesson 2: Drive to Number ‘1’

  • Now the VR Robot will drive back to the number ‘1.’
  • To navigate the VR Robot back to the number ‘1,’ remove the [Stop driving] block and replace it with the following blocks.
  • Note that the second [Wait until] block contains a <Less than> Boolean block instead of a <Greater than> block. This is because the VR Robot is now driving down the X axis and the numbers are becoming more negative. The VR Robot will stop once the X-values are LESS than -900.
  • Launch the Number Grid Map Playground if it is not already open and run the project.
  • Watch the VR Robot drive to number ‘1’ on the Number Grid Map Playground.
  • In this project, the VR Robot drives to the number ‘1’ on the Number Grid Map Playground. Since the X-values are decreasing as the VR Robot drives to the number ‘1,’ the project uses a <Less than> block.
  • The VR Robot will stop once its X-value is less than the X-value of the coordinate that the indicated number is on. Since the X-value of the number ‘1’ is -900, the VR Robot will stop driving once the X-value is less than -900.

For Your Information

A [Wait] block will pause the project's flow for a specific period of time in seconds before moving on to the next block in the stack. A [Wait] block can be used to help observe individual behaviors in your project that may run quickly together, such as moving between two different locations on a Playground.


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