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Getting Started with VEXcode VR

Testing the [Drive for] Block

Use [Drive for] blocks to code the VR Robot to move forward and backward in the Grid Map Playground

VR Header

  • View the Driving Forward and Backward Tutorial
  • Select the Grid Map Playground.
  • Drag a [Drive for] block into the Workspace and connect it to the {When started} block. Run the project. What happened? How did the VR Robot move?
  • Adjust the parameters in the [Drive for] block to make the VR Robot: 
    • Drive forward for 24 inches drive
    • Drive forward for 1000mm
    • Drive in reverse for 50mm
    • Drive forward to the other side of the playground

Helpful Hints

View the Getting Started Tutorial in VEXcode VR to learn tips for your first project.

Help button Select the ‘Reset’ button after your project is done running to reset the playground and the VR Robot to the original state.