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VRC Virtual Skills – Spin Up

Smart Plan

Create an algorithm to use [Drive for] and [Turn to heading] blocks, the GPS Sensor, the Optical Sensor, the Bottom Distance sensor, and the intake motor group to drive the Hero Bot inside the green highlighted area to launch Discs into the blue High Goal and spin the Rollers to red as fast as possible!

  • Select the VRC Virtual Skills - Spin Up Playground.
  • Preload two Discs. Plan a path to drive the Hero Bot in to complete all tasks one by one consecutively.
  • Code the Hero Bot to drive to, intake, and launch all Discs within the green-highlighted area into the blue High Goal. Score as many points as possible!
  • Code the Hero Bot to drive to and spin the Rollers in the green-highlighted area to red.
  • Set up a timer and see how quickly the Hero Bot can complete this task.

Helpful Hints

  • Design an efficient path to minimize the traveling distance and turns for the Hero Bot while executing the tasks.
  • Navigate the Hero Bot to evade the Discs as needed on the field while moving to ensure that their positions will not be changed in the environment setting.

For more information to develop your scoring strategy, please read the scoring section of the Game Manual.