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Lab 10 - Tallest Tower

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The Know section will conclude the Tallest Tower STEM Lab and allow students to demonstrate their knowledge of the concepts presented in the activities. Allow students time to independently answer these questions. Another option would be to use these questions as a summative assessment such as a homework assignment or a formative assessment as an in-class activity. If time allows, have the students reflect on the questions in their engineering notebook independently or facilitate a whole class discussion. Click this link for the individual engineering notebook rubric and this link for the collaboration rubric.

Teacher Toolbox icon Teacher Toolbox - Answers

  • Structures were only able to be so tall until the invention of…

  • Due to the number of earthquakes that happen in San Francisco, many of the buildings use the following to reduce damage:
    Seismic Isolators

  • Reinforcing your structure…
    All of the answers are correct.

  • Iterative Design is when…
    You create, test, and revise your design several times.

  • True or False: Skyscrapers typically are made so that the top is wider than the base to ensure stability.

You have accomplished a lot in this STEM Lab! The following questions will help you think back over everything you have learned. 

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