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Lab 13 - Testbed - VEX IQ Sensors

Build Instructions

Build the Testbed

Follow along with the build instructions to build the Testbed.

Open and follow the steps to build the VEX IQ Testbed Google Doc / .pptx / .pdf

Build Instruction Tips

  • All Steps: There is important information about which parts are needed for the step above the partition line. The number below the image of a part is the number of that part required in the step. There may be dimension information below the part to help identify which size to use.

  • Step 1: Count all pieces before starting your build, including sensors and motors.

  • Step 5 and 13: Flip the build over to add the blue connector pins as shown.

  • Steps 21–23: These steps show you how to put together a single motor sensor group. You will build 4 of these in total.