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Clawbot with Controller Checklist

  • Seek

    • The Completed Look of the Build

    • Build Instructions

    • Exploration

  • Play

    • Loops: Simplifying Repetitive Action- Blocks-based

    • Controller: Tank Drive Exploration- Blocks-based

    • Loops: Simplifying Repetitive Action- Text-based

    • Controller: Tank Drive Exploration- Text-based

  • Apply

    • Using Loops to Make Candy

    • Competition Connection: Driver Control

  • Rethink

    • Event-Based Programming: Communication Among Blocks

    • Prepare for the Remix Challenges- Blocks-based

    • Remix Challenges: Clawbot Control- Blocks-based

    • Remix Questions- Blocks-based

    • Event-Based Programming: Communication Among Instructions

    • Prepare for the Remix Challenges- Text-based

    • Remix Challenges: Clawbot Control- Text-based

    • Remix Questions- Text-based

  • Know

    • Review