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In this Rethink challenge, groups will create a VEXcode V5 project that moves six disks along a conveyor system to sort them in their designated locations.

What the Teacher Will Do:

  • As a whole class, introduce the challenge to students. Explain that they will be building on their VEXcode V5 project from Play to divert two red disks, and sort two green and two blue disks into their drop off locations. This is an extension of the skills they practiced in Play.
  • Break students into their groups. Ensure they have their assigned Workcell, their device with VEXcode V5, and their engineering notebooks.
  • Instruct groups to follow the steps on this page to complete the challenge.
  • While groups are completing the challenge, circle the room.
    • Ask students about how they are approaching the challenge. How are they planning to sort a second green disk? 
    • For groups that are struggling, encourage them to look back at the Lab 7 Play section for specific steps on how to find x, y, and z-coordinates and use the electromagnet to pick up disks.
  • After groups have completed the challenge, bring students back together for a whole-class discussion. Ask students some of these questions to wrap up the challenge.
    • What blocks did your group use to sort the two green disks? Was there a difference between the code for the first disk and the second disk?
    • What code did you add to the project to sort the two blue disks?
    • What did your group find difficult about this challenge?
    • How did your group work together to solve the challenge? What could you do to improve your collaboration in the next Lab?
  • Use the Collaboration and Programming Rubrics (Google / .docx / .pdf) to provide students with feedback and assess their projects throughout the Rethink challenge.

For more information on how to facilitate the Rethink challenge, go to the V5 Workcell Educator Certification.

In this challenge, you will create a VEXcode V5 project to sort six disks based on the color reported by the Optical Sensor. Red disks will be diverted off the conveyor system, and green and blue disks will be moved to their designated drop off location using the arm of the Workcell.

Follow these steps to complete the challenge:

  • Using the skills developed earlier in this Lab, create a VEXcode V5 project. Your project should accomplish the following using sensor data:
    • Move two red, two blue, and two green disks from the entry conveyor to the locations shown in the image above.
      • The red disks should be diverted off the exit conveyor and stop in front of the exit sensor.
      • Each green and blue disk should pass through the diverter, stop in front of the pickup sensor, and be sorted into the drop off locations by the arm on the Workcell.
  • Once the first red disk has been diverted to the exit conveyor and stopped in front of the exit sensor, remove the disk from the Workcell. This will prevent any errors when the Line Tracker is reporting values from the exit conveyor.
  • Note that multiple location points will be needed in this project to pick up each green and blue disk and move it from the transport conveyor to the drop off location.

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  • Ensure students have their mastering values readily available from the Seek section.
  • Ensure the students change the [Set tool] block to ‘electromagnet.’ If this is missed, the arm on the Workcell may not move as intended.
    set electromagnet_1
  • Ensure students have do not have the [Set manual movement] block in their project. If this block is in the project, the arm will only manually move.
    Manual movement_0
  • Remind students that the z-coordinate value should raise the arm on the Workcell up enough to not collide with any standoffs or the transport conveyor, especially when transporting a disk. Students can also to create a 'reset location' to move the arm up and out of the path of the transport conveyor and disks after a disk has been placed in the drop-off location.

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Students may struggle with decomposing the behaviors needed to solve this challenge. Follow the steps below to help students break down the behaviors for the blue disk so they can build their VEXcode V5 project. Students should already have comments in their 'Lab 10- Sensors' project for the red and green disk to use as reference.

  • Have students begin by breaking down the steps for how the blue disk needs to move to end up in the drop off location. 
    • Load blue disk from entry conveyor.
    • Move blue disk onto the transport conveyor.
    • Spin diverter when disk is detected by the load sensor.
    • Pass blue disk through the transport conveyor, past the diverter.
    • Stop transport conveyor when disk is detected by pick up sensor.
    • Sort the blue disk.
  • After students have broken down all of the steps, convert them into comments in the project and place them beneath the {Define My Block} for the blue disk.

blue detected

  • Once students have the comments added to their project, they can add the blocks needed for each of those comments.

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For this challenge, students may have used their 'Lab 10 - Sensors' project as a base and added the blocks beneath the {Define My Block} for when a blue disk is detected.

Here is a possible solution for sorting blue disks.

sorting blue disks

Below is an image of the full project with [Comment] blocks added.

full project