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Computer Science

Exciting news! The new VEXcode VR API Reference site is now live!

Computer Science + Robotics

Educational robotics serves Computer Science education in many ways. First, robots are fun. No matter the subject, teachers are always looking for ways to engage and motivate their students. Also, the everyday relevance of robots in the lives of students provides a natural and authentic hook for student learning. The process of developing coding solutions with a robot provides a relevant context for engaging students in Computer Science. The VEX Computer Science curriculum continuum will provide students with a fun and engaging way to learn authentic applications to Computer Science concepts.

What's New With VEXcode VR

VEXcode VR is expanding, with new features, playgrounds, and more! Join Jason McKenna to learn about VEXcode VR Enhanced and Premium, and the benefits included in each, so that you can bring Computer Science learning to life for your students!