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VEX IQ Teacher Resources

Find Lab summaries, build instructions, content, standards, and more.

VEX IQ Pacing Guides

View the Cumulative Pacing Guide to see all VEX IQ STEM Labs in various suggested sequences.

Cumulative Pacing Guide

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View the 1:1 Pacing Guide to see VEX IQ STEM Lab Units paired with connected VEXcode VR Activities.

1:1 Pacing Guide

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Professional Development Plus

Access ongoing professional development to support you as you teach with VEX IQ. Timely and targeted PD through videos, lessons, community conversations, and more!

VEX IQ Activities

Apply STEM learning in fun and engaging ways, with easy to use VEX IQ activities.

VEX IQ STEM Labs & Activity Series

Select a Lab or Activity Series below to view the available content inside.

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