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VRC Virtual Skills – Spin Up

Load It and Launch It!

Use [Drive for] and [Turn for] blocks to code the Hero Bot to turn toward the Loader that is marked in orange in the image. Click on the Load Zone Button (marked in orange on the right side of the image) to load one Disc. Use [Drive], [Turn for], [Spin for] blocks, and the Bottom Distance sensor to drive the Hero Bot to pick up the Disc and score it in the blue High Goal. 

  • Select the VRC Virtual Skills - Spin Up Playground.
  • Use the Bottom Distance sensor to navigate the Hero Bot to the Disc.
  • Code the Hero Bot to spin the intake motor group to pick up the Disc.
  • Turn the robot toward the blue High Goal. 
  • Set the desired intake motor velocity and spin the intake motor group to launch the Disc.

Helpful Hints

  • For help with using Match Loads in VRC Virtual Skills, please see this article.
  • Use the BottomDistance sensor to detect the Disc. When the robot is a set distance from the Disc, it can spin the IntakeMotorGroup and intake the Disc.
  • Use the Reporter block of the BottomDistance sensor from the Sensing category to get the approximate distance value from the front of the sensor to the Disc.

    Intake Motor Group Block

    • Matching Python command:

    Intake Motor Group Block