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Teacher Resources

These resources are designed to provide you with the structure and support necessary to integrate STEM into your learning environment. These resources will help novice teachers bring technology and innovation to their schools and experienced teachers create the classrooms of the future.

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Planning and Implementation

Pacing Guide

Teachers and schools desire a plan for instruction that aligns with their goals. Check out our recommendations for pacing instruction based on the school calendar, the classroom schedule, and student learning needs.

Cumulative Pacing Guide Google Doc .xlsx .pdf

Content Standards

Not only can you see all of the standards that are aligned with the VEX V5 Workcell STEM Labs, but you can also view where and how each of those standards is met in one comprehensive document.

View Standards

STEM Lab Material List

Here is a list containing everything you need to implement the VEX V5 Workcell STEM Labs into your school or classroom.

Google Doc .xlsx .pdf

Build Instructions

See a complete list of all VEX V5 Workcell builds with links to download the build instructions for each Lab.



Rubrics can be used to assess your students and provide feedback during and after a STEM Lab. The Google Doc versions of the rubrics can be copied and customized.

Google Docs .docx .pdf

STEM Lab SPARK Overview

View the overview and purpose for each section of the V5 Workcell STEM Labs.


STEM Lab Teacher Notes Guide

Teacher notes provide in-time tips and guidance for each stage of the Lab to make every page easier for you to teach. View the Teacher Notes Guide for an overview of each type of Teacher Note.


STEM Lab Preview

A preview of each STEM Lab is available to you that provides a description of the Lab, essential questions, understandings, objectives, vocabulary, materials needed, and educational standards.


Printable Resources for Workcell STEM Labs

Bring either the teacher or student version of a STEM Lab off of the screen with a PDF printable option.