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Lesson 4: Developing a Strategy


Before you can compete in the Shared Strategy Challenge, you first need to learn about developing a strategy, and how you and your team can organize your strategy development in preparation for playing the game. 

Developing a Strategy

A game strategy is the approach you take to playing a game, that you think will give you the best chance of success. Learn about how to organize your strategy development with your team, so you can prepare for a challenge.

Watch this video to learn about the steps you can follow to develop a strategy together with your teammates.

Developing a Strategy Lesson Summary Google Doc / .docx / .pdf

Developing a Shared Strategy

After developing a team strategy, it is important to work together to create a shared strategy for a larger team to be successful in a cooperative challenge or competition. 

Watch this video to learn about the steps you can follow to develop a shared strategy together with both your teammates and another group in a cooperative challenge.

Developing a Shared Strategy Lesson Summary Google Doc / .docx / .pdf

Check Your Understanding

Before moving on to the Practice section, ensure that you understand the concepts covered on this page by answering the questions in the document below in your engineering notebook. 

Check Your Understanding Google Doc / .docx / .pdf

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