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VEX GO Activities

These activities offer more ways to engage with the VEX GO Kit, providing simple one page exercises that infuse STEM concepts into the curricular content being taught in the classroom.

They are designed to be easy to follow for independent student use, as an extension activity or in a Learning Center setting. With curriculum connections, they can also be a part of a teacher’s lesson, or a scaffolding strategy to support differentiated learning.

Each one is designed with Step by Step instructions for students to complete the activity, as well as “Level Up” prompts for extensions or challenges, and “Pro Tips” to highlight techniques and concepts around building and design.

Click on one of the tiles below to access a VEX GO Activity.

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Animal Habitats

Animals Habitats

Explore and create an animal habitat display.



Use your imagination and your beams to “draw” a building, then try drawing the beam building you created!

Astronaut Rescue

Astronaut Rescue VEX GO Activity

Use your design skills to create a contraption to rescue the VEX GO Astronaut!

Astronaut Vault

Astronaut Vault V2 Tile

Code your robot to speed quickly toward an object and stop before hitting it.

Brain Break!

Brain Break! VEX GO Activity

Create a Brain Break Dial to help choose what type of activity to do.

Build It, Make It, Engineer It

Build It, Make It, Engineer It VEX GO Activity

Can you build a house? Will it stay up during a windstorm? Let’s find out!

Bump It

Bump it!

Practice turning at right angles.

Chain Reaction Machine

Chain Reaction Machine VEX GO Activity

Create a chain reaction machine with your VEX GO Kit, and explore chain reactions.

Code Base Coordinates

Code Base Coordinates!

Create a project in VEXcode GO that directs the Code Base to travel to a specific point on a grid.

Color Code It

Color Code It!

Use the Eye Sensor to steer your robot.

Color Designs

Color Designs!

Learn about color mixing and color your own design

Community Helpers

Community Helpers VEX GO Activity Icon

Explore who helps in a community, and build a tool of those jobs.

Compare It

Compare it tile image

Use your VEX GO pieces to practice using comparative and superlative adjectives.

Compass Rose

Compass Tile Image

Create a Compass Rose to use to explain directions.


Copycat! VEX GO Activity Icon

Can you copy your partner's VEX GO design in less than 60 seconds?

Covered Maze Box

Covered Maze Box VEX GO Activity

Design a maze that a marble can move through, then add walls and a roof, so the player can’t see the course.

Create a Course

Create a Course V2

Design your own robotic challenge!

Creature Creation

Creature Creation VEX GO Activity

Design and build an animal or insect of your own.

Definition in Action

Definition in Action VEX GO Activity Icon

Choose a vocabulary word or phrase from those in your current Unit, and create a build to show the definition in action.

Design a Novel Diorama

Design a Novel Diorama!

Design a rolling base to represent your favorite novel.

Design Star

Design Star

Dream up some fabulous designs using your VEX GO Spirograph!

Equation Balancer

Equation Balancer VEX GO Activity Tile

Turn your VEX GO lever build into a pan balance and write some equations!

Fishing for Facts

Fishing Facts Tile Image

Use the VEX GO Robot Arm to “fish” for multiplication facts!

Flipping Flags

Flipping flags

Create flags from beams and plates and flip them!

Follow Directions

following directions

Make a fun design with your VEX GO pieces and practice communicating by directing a partner to recreate it!

Food Chain

Food Chain!

Create your own food chain example!

Get to Know GO

get to know GO

Get familiar with your VEX GO pieces using your powers of observation.

Handy Helpers

Handy Helpers

Create a brochure explaining different ways the Adaptation Claw can be used as a helpful tool.

Hickory, Dickory, Clock

Hickery Dickory Clock tile

Learn how to tell time in increments of 15 minutes.

Lunar Phases

Lunar phases tile

Create a model of the eight phases of the Moon and learn their names.

Made to Measure

made to measure

Explore measuring in centimeters with your beams!

Map Challenge

Map Challenge

Can you make a representation of a geographical region?

Mars Rover - Sample Analysis

Mars Rover - Sample Analysis

Code your Code Base - Eye + Electromagnet as a Mars Rover to analyse the color of a sample.

Mars Rover - Search and Collect

Search and Collect

Practice Sensing and Using the Electromagnet

Multiplication Madness

Multiplication Madness

Show off your Mad Math Skills

Multiplication Road

Multiplication Road

Speed your way through your facts!

Music Beat

Music Beat Tile

Write a musical rhythm that others can follow using VEX GO pieces.



Use the Code Base to detect colored obstacles and travel across a field!

Pendulum Time

Pendulum Time!

Make changes to the Pendulum to see how it affects its swing.

Perimeter Practice

Perimeter Practice

Use beams to draw a floor plan and determine each room’s perimeters.

Pet Protection

pet protection

Use your VEX GO pieces to create a fence to protect your pet and measure around it!

Pin Out

pin out challenge

Can you out play your partner and win the last pin?

Ramp Racers

Ramp Racers

Modify the wheel on your VEX GO inclined plane and race a friend!

Reduce and Reuse Robot

Reduce and Reuse Robot VEX GO Activity

Build a Robot to Help Recycling in Our Community.

Rotate It

rotate it

Explore rotation with pivoting beams!

Scavenger Hunt

scavenger hunt activity tile

Can you find all the VEX GO pieces to complete this Scavenger Hunt?

Security Robot

Security Robot

Create a project that uses the Code Base to keep your treasures safe and sound.

Stack 'em Up

Stack em up

Make stacks with your pieces and try to draw them!

Start It

Start It!

Use the LED Bumper to start a coding project.



Use different pivot points on an incline plane to knock the most pins over.

Super(hero) Car

Super(hero) Car!

Turn your VEX GO Super Car into a super hero’s dream car by designing some sweet add-on features.

Syllable Count

Syllable Count! VEX GO Activity Icon

Write a story containing words with specific syllable counts, and match VEX GO pieces to words.



Challenge a partner to create a mirror image of your design!

Tallest Tower Challenge

Tallest tower challenge

Can you build a taller freestanding tower than your partner's tower using the same 10 pieces?

Venn Diagram

Venn Diagram! VEX GO Activity Icon

Use the VEX GO pieces to practice looking for similarities and differences between objects.

VEX GO Fidget

vex go fidget

Make your own unique fidget with VEX GO pieces!


Gaps Tile Image

Create stories with missing words that your classmates complete by knowing only the part of speech.

VEX Pin Game

VEX Pin Game VEX GO Activity

Can you build a one-player game? Use pins, design a game, and see if you can win!

What is it?

What is it?

Create a picture using VEX GO pieces.

Wheel and Axle Lunar Rover

Wheel and Axle Lunar Rover VEX GO Activity

Design a Lunar Rover that will need to have an axle and wheel to drive on the moon.

Wheel It

Wheel It! VEX GO Acitivity Icon

Design a Wheelbarrow that incorporates more than one simple machine.

Writing Instructions

Writing Instructions Tile Image

Create a set of build directions so anyone can recreate your design.