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Fun Frogs
Lab 1 - Tails and Tadpoles

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Discussion Prompts


  • How does having a tail help the tadpole in its environment?
  • Why do you think frogs are born in the water rather than on land?
  • Why does the tadpole grow only one set of legs at a time?


  • What do you think the next phase of the tadpole will look like?
  • What in the environment may cause the tadpole’s adaptations over time?
  • What is the effect of the changes from tadpole to tadpole with legs on how it can interact with its environment?
  • How do scientists choose what details to include in their descriptions?


  • What was one struggle you had with the building portion of the lab, and how did you solve your problem?
  • Was there a tip or trick that your group used that helped you be successful?
  • What is one way you solved a disagreement within your group?  How will you prevent that next time?