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Notice that the parts listed are not scaled 1:1. They are relatively scaled to one another.

Teacher Tips icon Teacher Tips

  • Organize students into groups of two or three to construct the V5 Gear Box. The build will take students approximately one hour to complete.

  • Allow students enough time at the end of the class period to note their progress in their engineering notebooks and clean up their area.

Build the V5 Gear Box

Follow along with the build instructions to build the V5 Gear Box. 

Open and follow the steps to build the VEX V5 Gear Box. Google / .pptx / .pdf

Build Instruction Tips

Check the Appendix for info on how to use the Hex Nut Retainers.

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  • The names and quantities of the parts needed for each step can be found at the bottom left of the image.

  • The actions to complete the step are in the center.

  • The completed look of the build per step is in the red rectangle.

  • Select the image to enlarge it.