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Summative Assessment Answer Key

  1. Which of the following options best describes the acceptable range of the potentiometer values for Joint 1 used while mastering?


  2. Which of the following best describes what the ‘Arm Mastering’ example project in VEXcode V5 displays?

    It displays the potentiometer values on the V5 Brain and indicates if those values are within the predetermined range (PASS) or not within the acceptable range of values (FAIL)

  3. Which of the following best describes why potentiometers are required to be installed at a certain position and at a certain rotation on the V5 Workcell?

    To ensure the V5 Workcell knows its ‘home location’ that allows it to operate within its range of motion to prevent damage.

  4. Which of the following best defines a potentiometer?

    An analog variable resistor, which provide a variable voltage value based on the position of the wiper arm (the piece that moves across the resistive track material) inside of the potentiometer.

  5. True or False: The ‘Arm Install' example project actually moves the motors connected to the potentiometers at each joint on the Workcell to their target location, while the 'Arm Mastering’ example project is used to verify and display the current mastering values so they can be recorded and used when coding the Workcell.