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Teacher Resources

These resources are designed to provide you with the structure and support necessary to integrate STEM into your learning environment.  These resources will help novice teachers bring technology and innovation to their schools and experienced teachers create the classrooms of the future.

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Planning and Implementation

Getting Started

Looking to fit VEX 123 into an existing class, after-school club, Makerspace, or as part of an electives rotation? This Getting Started guide will show you how easy it can be to implement STEM learning with VEX 123.


Implementation Guide

This guide will show you how quickly and easily you can begin teaching a STEM Lab.  Step-by-step guidance on how to get started teaching STEM in your classroom.


Why Use VEX 123 STEM Labs?

VEX 123 STEM Labs are designed to provoke STEM thinking and spark creative problem-solving ideas.  This guide will explain the pedagogy that serves as the foundation for all of the STEM Labs.


Pacing Guide

Teachers and schools desire a plan for instruction that aligns with their goals. Check out our recommendations for pacing instruction based on the school calendar, the classroom schedule, and student learning needs.


Content Standards

Country specific charts are available to show the alignment of standards to the VEX 123 STEM Lab units and lessons.


STEM Lab Materials List

Here is a list containing everything you need to implement STEM Labs into your school or classroom.