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Pendulum Game
Lab 1 - Engineering the Pendulum

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Discussion Prompts


  • How did you use the iterative process?
  • How did you use the Engineering and Design Process?
  • When did you need to rethink a design challenge?
  • What challenge was the most difficult? And why?
  • What challenge was the easiest to complete? And why?


  • How can a pendulum be used in the real world?
  • Could this pendulum solve a problem?
  • What challenge would you change to be more difficult to solve?
  • How could you use the pendulum in your daily life?
  • What kinds of pendulums have you seen in the real world?


  • What challenges did you face building with your team?
  • How did your team members help you become successful?
  • What did your team do that made you the most successful?
  • Do you have any tips for the class on teamwork?