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Unit Applying VEX GO

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Applying VEX GO

Connection to VEX GO

Applying VEX GO

The VEX GO Kits are a great way to explore the concepts of Force and Motion. Students begin the Unit looking at their own connection to forces including gravitational force.

Throughout the Unit, students will be asked to describe their builds to one another using spatial talk. Students will gain these spatial language skills by not only manipulating the VEX GO pieces, but also describing their location and orientation using descriptive words and phrases such as behind, in front of, and next to. The practice using spatial language can be touched on throughout the Unit in the discussions during the Mid-Play Breaks and the optional Share section within each Lab. By completing the Physical Science GO STEM Lab Unit, students gain real and authentic learning experiences of the concepts of force and motion through interactive builds using the GO Kits and accompanying activities.