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A push or pull that causes change in speed, direction or shape of an object.
A force that pulls objects toward the Earth.
Simple Machine
A device that can change the direction or strength of force, and is used to make work easier.
A task that requires effort to complete.
Inclined Plane
A sloped ramp.
A plank that moves at one fixed point.
Pivot Point
A single point that the lever rests on.
A wheel with teeth used to transfer or receive force.
When two or more gears are connected with their teeth.
Gathered facts.
To observe or study by close examination and systematic inquiry.

Encouraging Vocabulary Usage

The following are additional ways to facilitate vocabulary usage as students are engaged in the activities throughout this Unit.

Students should be encouraged to use the vocabulary terms:

  • Throughout all of the activities
  • As they are working in groups
  • As they are reflecting
  • As they are sharing their knowledge and experience
A VEX GO character

Tips for Encouraging Vocabulary Usage