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VEX IQ Activities

These activities offer more ways to engage with the VEX IQ (2nd generation) Kit, providing simple one page exercises that blend STEM concepts with curricular content in fun and engaging ways.

They are designed to be easy to follow for independent student use, giving them great flexibility in terms of classroom implementation. Activities can be used as part of a teacher's lesson, as an extension activity, or as a scaffolding strategy to support differentiated learning.

Each one is designed with Step by Step instructions for students to complete the activity, as well as "Level Up" prompts for additional challenges, and "Pro Tips" to highlight techniques and concepts around building and design.

Click on one of the tiles below to access a VEX IQ Activity.

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1..2..3.. Green Light

1 2 3 GreenLight

Create a VEXcode IQ project using the Touch LED Sensor.

At a Distance

At a Distance Activity Tile

Use the Distance Sensor to avoid cubes!

BaseBot Driver

Basebot Driver

Navigate a city maze using the Controller. First, build the city, then drive in it!

Build a Wagon

Build a Wagon

Create an addition to the BaseBot to carry an IQ Cube up an inclined plane!

Can You Name That Part?

Can you name that part

Play a game to find parts of the VEX IQ Kit!

Code a Code

Code a Code

Send a secret message using the Touch LED.

Color Sensing

Color Sensing Activity Tile

Use the Optical Sensor to travel from cube to cube!

Cube Crasher Challenge

Cube Crasher Challenge

Code the BaseBot to knock down cubes!

Cube Pusher

Cuber Pusher Tile

Code the BaseBot to push cubes out of the square!

Drive Forward and Reverse

Drive Forward and Reverse Tile

Autonomously move your robot forward and backwards!

Follow the Light

Follow the Light

Drive your robot using a flashlight!

Forward, Lift, Reverse

Forward Lift Reverse Tile

Which direction is faster when moving an object?

Get a Grip

How much grip do your tires have

Test the grip of different VEX IQ tires!

Get in Shape

Get in Shape

Use connectors to create different shapes.

Golf Course Mower

Golf Course Mower

Code your BaseBot to drive over the entire golf course, while avoiding the sandpits!

Hang Out

Hang out

Can you build a device that hangs out off of your desk?

How Big Are Your Teeth?

How big are your teeth

Can you calculate the pitch of your gears and sprockets?

It’s All Relative

its all relative

Use multiplication to reduce a scale model.

Magic Movement

Magic Movement Tile

Use the Distance Sensor to magically move your BaseBot!

Marker Maze

Marker Maze tile

Can your BaseBot turn at the correct angle to avoid knocking over the markers?

Navigate the Maze

Navigate the Maze

Use the Bumper Switch to solve a cube maze!

Pinball Wizard

pinball wizard

Create a pinball game that includes simple machines using VEX IQ parts!

Pitch Pointillism

Pitch Pointillism tile+

Use your VEX IQ Pitch Shafts to create a piece of original art!

Rubber Band Car

Can you design and build a car powered only by a single rubber band?

Secret Code

Secret Code

Use the Controller to flash out a secret message with the Touch LED Sensor.


Signs Tile

Can you build a sign with parts from your VEX IQ Kit?

Spin Your Wheels

Spin your wheels

Can you calculate how fast your wheel spins using measurements from a VEXcode IQ Project?

Square Dance

Square Dance

Code the BaseBot to drive in a square!

Stop and Go

Stop and Go Activity Tile

Code the BaseBot to travel to different locations!

The Claw

The Claw

Use your Clawbot to strategically remove VEX pieces from a pile.

To the Left, To the Right

To the Left, To the Right!

Code the BaseBot to turn left and right.

Traffic Signals

traffic signals

How many cards does it take to get to the finish line?

Tread Art

Tread Art Tile

Use your VEX IQ wheels to create a piece of abstract art!

Triple Transfer

Triple transfer

How fast can you move three blocks to a new location?

Turn Around

Turn Around

Learn about the BaseBot’s heading to push cubes!

VEX Teasers

Teaser 2

Use your VEX IQ pieces to solve some spatial reasoning brain teasers.