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Robot Soccer
Lesson 1: Introduction


In this Unit, you will learn how to play Robot Soccer with your Simple Clawbot! Robot Soccer is played in matches of two robots versus two robots. Your team will need to move the cube through your opponent's goal to score! During this Unit, you will learn about various manipulators that can help your team to score more goals. Watch the animation below to see an example of Robot Soccer game play in action!

Video file

In the Robot Soccer competition, your robots will race to score goals!

  • The team that scores the most goals during game play, wins!
  • Each match is 60 seconds of playing time, and the timer is stopped after each goal while the Field is reset.
  • You can modify your robot using any pieces in your IQ Kit.

What is an Engineering Notebook?

Watch this video below to learn about what an engineering notebook is and why you should use an engineering notebook.

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