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VIQC Virtual Skills
Lesson 3


In this Lesson, you will learn how to score a Ball into the High Goal using the Catapult Arm on Fling. Then, you will apply these skills to complete a mini-challenge where you will score a different Ball from the Field into the High Goal.

Video file

Learning Target(s)

At the end of this Lesson, I will be able to...

  • Score at least 6 points.
  • Launch VEXcode IQ.
  • Open a new blocks project in web-based VEXcode IQ.
  • Break a task down into smaller parts.
  • Use Drivetrain blocks to drive and turn Fling.
  • Use the [Spin for] block to intake a Ball.
  • Use the [Spin] block to launch the Catapult Arm.


Select Next > to create your VEXcode IQ project.