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VIQC Virtual Skills
Lesson 5


Score a Ball from each side of the Bar, and then score with a low hang. 

Video file

Follow these steps to complete the challenge: 

  • Watch the solution video to see how Fling should move in order to complete the challenge.
  • Create a new VEXcode IQ blocks project.
  • Rename the project Lesson5ChallengeView these Knowledge Base articles for more information on how to rename your project. 
  • Launch the Virtual Skills window. 
  • Add the blocks necessary to drive and score the first Ball in the Low Goal, drive and launch the second Ball in the High Goal, then drive to the bar and score with a Low Hang.
  • Start your project to test if it works.
  • If the project is not successful, edit it and try again. Continue this process until the challenge is complete. 
  • Once Fling successfully scores both Balls and completes the Low Hang, check the score to make sure that you have a total of 14 points – 2 points for the Ball scored in the Low Goal, 6 points for the Ball scored in the High Goal, and 6 points for the Low Hang. 
  • Save your project. View these Knowledge Base articles for more information on how to save your project. 

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the challenge!


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