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VRC Virtual Skills
Lesson 2


In this Lesson, you will learn how to drive and turn Moby. You will also learn how to pick up and move a Mobile Goal into the Alliance Home Zone to score. Then, you will apply these skills to complete a mini-challenge where you pick up the blue Alliance Mobile Goal, and move the goal to the blue Alliance Home Zone to score.

Video file

Learning Target(s)

At the end of this Lesson, I will be able to...

  • Score at least 20 points.
  • Launch VEXcode VR.
  • Open a new blocks project in VEXcode VR.
  • Break a task down into smaller parts.
  • Select Moby's starting configuration.
  • Use the [Drive for] block to drive Moby forward or reverse.
  • Use the [Turn for] block to turn Moby left or right.
  • Use the [Spin for] block to raise and lower the Forks on Moby.

Select Next > to create your VEXcode VR project.