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Using the Bumper Switch

The Bumper Switch on Moby can also be used to help complete the challenge in this Lesson —to pick up and move a Mobile Goal to the Alliance Home Zone.

mobile goal called out

The Bumper Switch is located at the base of the Forks, so that it can be used to determine when a Mobile Goal is ready to be picked up.

For more information about the V5 Bumper Switch, see this Knowledge Base article.

bumper sensor on Moby

In this example, the Bumper Switch is used to detect when a Mobile Goal is loaded between the Forks.

Once the Bumper Switch reports that it was pressed, Moby will stop driving, lift the Forks to pick up the Mobile Goal, and turn to drive it to the Alliance Home Zone.

Image of VEXcode V5 project for Lesson 2 using bumper switch

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