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Moving Through a City
Lab 1 - Bridge Obstacle Challenge

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Part 1 - Step by Step

  1. InstructInstruct students to build a bridge using recycled materials to cross the 123 Tile.
  2. ModelModel how to get materials from the classroom station.
    1. Allow students to get a predetermined amount of materials per team.
    2. Display a timer at the front of the classroom for students to be aware of how much time they have to design their bridge before the end of Play Part 1.
    Recycled Materials
    Recycled Materials
  3. FacilitateFacilitate a discussion as groups build their bridge.
    1. Why did you select those materials?
    2. What will your bridge look like?
    3. Can the bridge hold the 123 Robot? Have students put their 123 Robot on the top of their bridge to test as needed.
  4. RemindRemind groups that their bridge design will not be correct the first time. Multiple iterations of the bridge is a part of the iterative process. The iterative processes means to try again and again. Failure is a part of success!
  5. AskAsk students to think about a time when they have failed but didn’t give up. Did you eventually succeed? Did you learn something? How did it feel?

Mid-Play Break & Group Discussion

As soon as every group finishes building their bridge, come together for a brief conversation.

  • What differences and similarities do you see in each bridge?
  • What differences do you like most? Did any surprise you?

Part 2 - Step by Step

  1. InstructInstruct students that the goal of this Lab is to create and run a project to code the 123 Robot to move an object over their bridge. Students will use VEXcode 123 to create a project, download the project to the 123 Robot and run the project to solve the problem.
    Run a Project
    Run a Project
  2. ModelModel how to create and download a project using VEXcode 123.
    1. Show students how to connect the 123 Robot to their device.
    2. Open VEXcode 123.
    3. Highlight the drivetrain commands students can use to code the 123 Robot to move across the bridge including Drive for (steps).
    4. Remind students that the When started block is always first and to connect the other blocks to the When started block.
    5. Create an example project and select download to show students how the project is transferred into the 123 Robots brain.
    Download a Project
    Download a Project
  3. FacilitateFacilitate a discussion as students are creating their project by asking the following:
    1. What distance will the Drive For block have to be for the 123 Robot to cross the bridge?
    2. Can you guess how many 123 Robot steps it will take to cross the bridge?
    3. Does it matter what order the blocks are in?
    4. Are there any blocks you are using more than once? Why?
    5. Did you test the project?
    Group Discussions
    Group Discussions
  4. RemindRemind students to use problem solving strategies as a team and encourage students to not give up when the team fails.
  5. AskAsk students where they have seen a robot solving a problem in real life? How does that relate to this Lab and this project?