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Moving Through a City
Lab 1 - Bridge Obstacle Challenge

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Materials Needed

The following is a list of all the materials and teaching resources that are needed to complete the VEX 123 Lab. First listed are the materials needed for the entire Lab, including the 123 Robot. In certain Labs, links to teaching resources in a slideshow format have been included. Not all Labs will include a slideshow. These slides can help provide context and inspiration for your students. All slides are editable, and can be projected for students or used as a teacher resource.

Materials Purpose Recommendation

123 Robot

To use in Play Part 2 to create and run a project. Also, during engage to test how it is affected by motion and force.

1 per group

VEXcode 123

To create a project to run on the 123 Robot.

1 per group


To run VEXcode 123.

1 per group

Lab 1 Image Slideshow

For teacher facilitation.

1 per class

Recycled Materials (paper, cardboard, pipe cleaners)

To create a bridge in Play Part 1.

Recycled materials need to be used by every group. Depending on the size of the classroom differs for the amount of materials needed.

123 Tiles

For both Play Sections as a foundation and the walls will give students the same height for their bridge to go over.

1 per group

Environment Setup

  1. Organize a station to hand out materials for making the bridge.
  2. Allow students to shop for materials in order to limit excessive use of materials. 
  3. Create a space for your tiles to be set up.


Begin the lab by engaging with the students.

  1. Hook

    There are a lot of kids on the playground at recess. Pretend you are trying to go on the swings, how do you get there?

    Can you think of a time when you had to solve a problem? What did you do to solve the problem?

  2. Demonstrate

    The teacher will demonstrate how the 123 Robot can push or pull an object. Teacher will explain how motion and force works with the 123 Robot.

  3. Leading Question

    Do you think we could help the 123 Robot solve a problem?


Allow students to explore the concepts introduced.

Part 1

Teacher will introduce the design challenge. Students will build a bridge using recycled materials. Students will have guidelines. Teams will work together to build a bridge that goes over the tile’s wall.

Mid-Play Break

Class will have a gallery walk of bridges.

Part 2

Students will complete a final challenge to use what they know about motion and force to get their 123 Robot up and over the bridge. Students will work on coding with partners to solve the challenge.


Allow students to discuss and display their learning.

Active Share

Allow students to put bridges together as a class and create a large obstacle course for teams to program through using 123 Robot.

A VEX 123 character

Discussion Prompts