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Moving Through a City
Lab 1 - Bridge Obstacle Challenge

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Show Your Learning

Active Share

  • Ask teams to showcase their team’s success.
    • Allow teams to take turns programming their 123 Robot up and over their bridge.
    • Ask students who didn’t succeed to describe what their biggest challenge was in programming or building a bridge.
  • If time remains, ask students to combine their bridges together in one big classroom obstacle course.
    • Give teams a set time limit such as five minutes.
    • Allow teams to debug and problem solve mistakes.
    • After the time limit, ask students to program their last code.
  • Ask students to share how their team problem solved their 123 Robot through the obstacle course.
    • Emphasize to students how a team must work together.
    • Allow students to discuss how the iterative process allowed some students to be successful by trying and trying over and over again.
    • Ask students to think about what would have happened if they had more time.

Discussion Prompts

Digital Documentation

  • Teachers can use video, or audio recording during Play Part 1 and Play Part 2 to capture students problem solving how to make a bridge.
  • Teachers can also use video or audio recording to see how students use the iterative process to program 123 Robot to move over their self-engineered bridge.

Student-Driven Visible Thinking

  • In Play Part 1, students engineered a bridge making their thinking to become visible.
  • In Play Part 2, students program 123 Robot over their self-engineered bridge showcasing their programming skills visibly.
  • In Play Part 2, students document their progress and code through drawings.

Metacognition-Reflecting Together

  • Observing Prompt
    • How successful were you completing the bridge challenge?
  • Predicting Prompt
    • How do you think we can find motion in the real world?
  • Collaborating Prompt
    • How did your team work well together?
    • What helped your team?
    • What did you still need to be successful?