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Moving Through a City
Unit Vocabulary

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The act of moving.
A push or pull that can change an object’s motion.
The order in which commands are executed, one after another.
Drive for (steps) block:
Moves the 123 Robot either forward or reverse for a given number of robot steps.
Turn right block:
Moves the 123 Robot right 90 degrees.
Turn left block:
Moves the 123 Robot left 90 degrees.
When started block:
Runs the attached stack of blocks when the project is started.

Encouraging Vocabulary Usage

General notes on encouraging vocabulary usage with young children:

  • The goal is to introduce vocabulary to young children as they explore Computer Science ideas with concrete objects, not to make them memorize vocabulary.
  • Teach Computer Science vocabulary as naturally as you would introduce the names of different foods, animals or toys.
  • The more children hear Computer Science words used with activities, the more they will begin to use it correctly. Reinforce Computer Science vocabulary with everyday things. Whether through pointing out when a push or pull takes place during recess or at dismissal, finding these authentic ways to use vocabulary is essential.
A VEX 123 character

Tips for Encouraging Vocabulary Usage