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Computer Science Level 1 - Python

Unit 7 - Decisions with Colors


In this Unit, you will learn how to use the Front Eye Sensor and conditional statements to solve the Disk Maze Challenge. In the Disk Maze Challenge, the VR Robot will navigate through the Disk Maze Playground from start to finish using the Front Eye Sensor to detect colors.

The Disk Maze Problem

Coding the VR Robot to navigate the Disk Maze can be done in a number of ways. The goal of the Disk Maze is to drive the VR Robot to each of the colored disks in the maze, ending at the red disk. In previous Units, you solved mazes uses while loops and sensor feedback to detect objects. Luckily, there are tools on the VR Robot, and in our code, that can help us detect colors to solve to the Disk Maze problem. You will learn about those tools in this Unit, beginning with the Eye Sensors in the next Lesson.