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Platform Placer
Lesson 1: Introduction

Getting Ready to Build

Getting Ready to Test and Compete

Before beginning any lessons in this Unit, you will need to check that your Battery is charged.

Check Battery Levels

Watch this animation and follow along to check your Battery's charge. If you have a low Battery, follow the steps below to charge your Battery.

Your Battery level can also be checked by using the indicator lights on the side of the Battery. Watch the following animation to see how to check the Battery level using the indicator lights.

  • 1 light: 0-25% charge
  • 2 lights: 25-50% charge
  • 3 lights: 50-75% charge
  • 4 lights: 75-100% charge

Charge Battery

View this animation to learn how to charge your Battery.

Once you know you have a charged Battery, insert the Battery into your Brain.

Charge Controller

You will also need to make sure that your Controller is charged. 

View this animation to learn how to charge your Controller. 

Pair the Controller and Brain

After you have charged your Battery and Controller, you can now wirelessly pair your Brain to the Controller.

View this animation to see how to pair your Controller and Brain.


Select Next > to build your Clawbot.