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Platform Placer
Lesson 1: Introduction


In this Unit, you will learn how to play Platform Placer with your Clawbot! Platform Placer is played using driver control, and is a cooperative game. Two robots will work together to place Buckyballs and rings on low, medium, and high platforms to achieve the highest possible score. Teams will learn to design manipulators and lifts, and combine this with driver skills to develop a winning strategy for the competition. Watch the animation below to see an example of how two robots cooperate to place Buckyballs and rings, and how the competition is scored. 

In the Platform Placer competition, two robots will work together to place Buckyballs and rings on platforms to get the most points in a 2-minute match.

  • The height of the platform on which you place game objects determines the score you earn:  receive 2 points for each object placed on the low platforms, 5 points for the medium platforms, and 10 points for the high platform.
  • The green rings are multipliers - they double the score of any game objects placed on platforms.
  • Buckyballs and rings can fall off the platforms, and are then placed back on the Field.
  • To score on the high platform, you must customize your robot design.

What is an Engineering Notebook?

Watch this video below to learn about what an engineering notebook is and why you should use an engineering notebook.

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