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Choice Board

Choice Board Examples & Strategies

Use the Choice Board to allow students to display their voice and choice within their learning. The Choice Board can be used in multiple ways by the teacher to:

  • Engage students who finish early
  • Assess what students have learned at different points throughout the Unit
  • Extend the Unit or lesson
  • Allow students to display their learning in the Share section

The Choice Board is intended to provide content that can be added to the classroom’s existing Choice Board or to any bulletin board in the classroom.

The following is the Choice Board for this Unit:

Choice Board
Adapt the Claw!
Use the other pieces in your VEX GO Kit to try and create a smaller version of the Adaptation Claw. Can you make a larger version of the Adaptation Claw?
Draw a Story
Draw a story about a person using the Adaptation Claw to solve their real-world problems. What do they use it for?
Deep Dive
Using books or the internet (with an adult’s permission), research other types of mechanisms used to solve real-world problems.
Make a Poster
Make a poster explaining how the Adaptive Claw can help solve real-world problems.
List Maker
Write out a list of every possible way you could use this Adaptation Claw. How would the Adaptation Claw make your life easier?
Write Instructions
Draw or write out instructions for how to use the Adaptation Claw. Make sure someone who has never seen the Adaptation Claw will be able to use it!
Angles Everywhere!
Use the four Angle beams from the VEX GO Kit and find as many matching classroom items as you can with the same angles. Sketch each classroom item on a sheet of paper!
Standoff Math
Use the Yellow Standoffs to measure the length of a piece of paper. Now try with the Blue Standoffs!
Classroom Mechanisms
How many mechanisms can you find in your classroom? Make a list.