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Applying VEX GO

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Applying VEX GO

The VEX GO Kits are a great way to explore the concepts of magnetism. Students will use the magnets provided in the Kit to explore magnetic and non-magnetic items in the classroom. They will test and classify these items after predicting if they are magnetic or not. Students will then build a Magnet Car that will be powered by the magnetic force of the classroom magnets, and those on the Magnet Car build.

Students use spatial reasoning to build the Magnet Car. They will need to rotate and turn the pieces to the correct orientation in order to attach pieces successfully and build the Magnet Car. Students will also practice spatial reasoning as they think about the ways objects interact with the North and South Magnets on the Magnet Car as well as visualize the effect of magnetic force to move the Magnet Car both forward and backward.

By completing the Magnet Car GO STEM Lab Unit, students will have an authentic understanding of how magnetism and magnetic force can impact the objects around them.