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To pull forward
Standard by which something may be judged or decided
Gathered facts
An object that attracts iron, steel or nickel
Magnetic Field
The space around the magnet where the force of a magnet can act
Magnetic Force
The power that attracts (pulls closer) or repels (pushes away) objects that have magnetic material inside them.
VEX North and South Magnets
Beams with magnets attached at one end that interact with ferrous metals or magnets. Kit contains one North and one South Pole magnet.
The ends of the magnet where the strongest magnetic force is felt
To push away

Encouraging Vocabulary Usage

The following are additional ways to facilitate vocabulary usage as students are engaged in the activities throughout this Unit.

Students should be encouraged to use the vocabulary terms:

  • Throughout all of the activities
  • As they are working in groups
  • As they are reflecting
  • As they are sharing their knowledge and experience
A VEX GO character

Tips for Encouraging Vocabulary Usage