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Mars Rover-Landing Challenge
Unit Vocabulary

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VEXcode GO
A programming language used with VEX GO robots.
{When started} block
Begins running the attached stack of blocks when the project is started.
[Wait until] block
Waits for the condition inside of it to report true before moving to the next block.
[Turn for] block
Turns the Drivetrain for a given distance.
[Drive] block
Moves the Drivetrain forward or in reverse forever.
<Found object> block
Reports if the Eye Sensor detects an object.
[Forever] block
A ‘C’ block that repeats any blocks contained inside forever.
[Repeat] block
A 'C' block that repeats any blocks contained inside a set number of times.
The fourth planet from the Sun, often referred to as the “Red Planet.”
To identify the presence of something.
An object that blocks your path.
Eye Sensor
A type of sensor that detects if there is an object present, the color of the object, and the brightness of the light.

Encouraging Vocabulary Usage

The following are additional ways to facilitate vocabulary usage as students are engaged in the activities throughout this Unit.

Students should be encouraged to use the vocabulary terms:

  • Throughout all of the activities
  • As they are working in groups
  • As they are reflecting
  • As they are sharing their knowledge and experience
A VEX GO character

Tips for Encouraging Vocabulary Usage