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Ocean Emergency
Unit Choice Board

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Choice Board

Choice Board Examples & Strategies

Use the Choice Board to allow students to display their voice and choice within their learning. The Choice Board can be used in multiple ways by the teacher to:

  • Engage students who finish early
  • Assess what students have learned at different points throughout the Unit
  • Extend the Unit or lesson
  • Allow students to display their learning in the Share section

The Choice Board is intended to provide content that can be added to the classroom’s existing Choice Board or to any bulletin board in the classroom.

The following is the Choice Board for this Unit:

Choice Board
Coding Newsletter
Students will research different careers in coding and create a newsletter.
Compare and Contrast
Compare and contrast two categories of VEXcode GO.
Vocabulary Detective
Using classroom resources, find two new words that would fit into this Unit or in one of the Labs.
Interview the Ocean
Pretend you are a talk show host and are interviewing animals in the oceans. Write down questions about pollution that affects the ocean. How would it affect them if our robot could clean up the trash to make their homes cleaner?
Advertise That!
Students will pretend they are working for an advertising company. Their job is to create some sort of advertisement for their Code Base robot that can pick up trash in the ocean. Advertisements can be a poster, video, magazine cover, social media, letter, or email.
Convince Me
Have a classroom debate. Divide students in half, those who support pollution, and those who want to pick up trash in the ocean. Try to convince the students who do not support pollution to want to support picking up trash in the ocean.
Computers are Everywhere
Students will identify how computers are used in their school.
Classroom Procedures
Students will create code for classroom procedures by creating their own programming blocks.
Choose one the following words to make an Acrostic Poem:
Coding, Ocean, Decompose, Pollution.