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The order in which commands are executed, one after another.
Breaking down a complex problem into smaller parts that are more manageable and easier to understand.

To plan, test, make changes, then test again.

A shorthand notation for coding that combines verbal and written descriptions of code.
Something introduced into the environment that is dirty, unclean, or has a harmful effect.
VEXcode GO
Software used to create a project and communicate with VEX GO robots.
[Drive for] block
Moves the Drivetrain either forward or in reverse for a given distance.
[Turn for] block
Rotates the Drivetrain left or right for a given number of degrees.
[Comment] block
Allows programmers to write information to help describe their project without changing the blocks around it.

Encouraging Vocabulary Usage

The following are additional ways to facilitate vocabulary usage as students are engaged in the activities throughout this Unit.

Students should be encouraged to use the vocabulary terms:

  • Throughout all of the activities
  • As they are working in groups
  • As they are reflecting
  • As they are sharing their knowledge and experience
A VEX GO character

Tips for Encouraging Vocabulary Usage