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Robot Jobs
Lab 4 - Robot Job Fair

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Discussion Prompts


  • What blocks did you use in your project? Can you explain what they do?
  • How do you change how far the Code Base robot moves?
  • What dirty, dull, or dangerous job did your Code Base robot perform? Why was it useful for a robot to perform this task, rather than a person?


  • If a Code Base robot needed to complete this task multiple times, what could you add to the project?
  • What if you didn’t know the exact distance that the Code Base robot needed to move forward? What blocks could you add?
  • What if the Code Base robot was facing the wrong direction to begin the project? What blocks could you add?


  • How did your group work together to create your project plan?
  • How did you communicate what you wanted the Code Base robot to do with your group members?