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Applying VEX GO

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Applying VEX GO

The VEX GO Kits are a great way to explore the concepts of average speed and measurement. In the first Lab of the Unit, students practice measurement skills by turning the Orange Knob on the Super Car and accurately measuring the distance traveled by the car. They determine which Super Car moved faster based on observations.

The second Lab of the Unit focuses on how variables affect the distances traveled by the Super Car. Students will change one variable at a time to see how that variable affects the distances traveled by the Super Car. These variables could be the number of turns of the Orange Knob, or different surfaces such as carpet or sandpaper. The third Lab of the Unit has students collect data on the movement of the Super Car and then learn to calculate the average speed of the Super Car.

Throughout the Unit, students will be asked to explain that the faster an object is moving, the more energy it possesses. This Next Generation Science Standard (NGSS) 4-PS3-1 has students relate the speed to the energy of an object without requiring students to use quantitative measurements of energy or speed as they construct their explanations.

By completing the Super Car GO STEM Lab Unit, students will have a real and authentic understanding of measurement, average speed, and how variables can impact an experiment.