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VIQC Virtual Skills
Lesson 4


In this Lesson, you will learn how to score two Balls into the High Goal by adjusting the tension of the Catapult Tension Motor on Fling. Then, you will apply these skills to complete a mini-challenge where you will adjust the tension to launch three Balls into the High Goal.

Video file

Learning Target(s)

At the end of this Lesson, I will be able to...

  • Score at least 18 points.
  • Launch VEXcode IQ.
  • Open a new blocks project in web-based VEXcode IQ.
  • Break a task down into smaller parts.
  • Use Drivetrain blocks to drive and turn Fling.
  • Use Motion blocks to collect and launch Balls.
  • Use the Bumper Switch on Fling to stop the Catapult Motor.
  • Change the tension of the Catapult Tension Motor using the [Spin to position] block.
  • Explain that increasing the tension of the Catapult Tension Motor increases the distance that a Ball is launched.


Select Next > to create your VEXcode IQ project.