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Teacher Toolbox icon Teacher Toolbox - The Challenge Outline

During the challenge Playing Robosoccer! The students will do the following:

  • A student or the teacher will referee the game to make sure the points are awarded fairly.

  • Two players will place their robots in front of their goal nets to begin.

  • The players will stand behind their own goal nets during the duration of the five minute game.

  • The robots will use their attachments to move the ball into the opponents' goal net to score one point.

  • The team with the most points at the end - wins!

Teacher Toolbox icon Teacher Toolbox - The Purpose of This Page

The preparation stage is intended to familiarize students with the challenge field for Robosoccer. If time is a concern, set up the field ahead of time, show students the field, and explain what they need to do for the challenge.

Setup Robosoccer
Robosoccer field setup

Prepare for the Robosoccer Challenge

In this challenge, you will use your VEX V5 Speedbot and any attachments that you designed for it to play soccer against an opponent.

To play Robosoccer you will need:

  • One soccer ball (or similar sized ball)

  • Three people (two players, one referee)

  • Two or more VEX V5 Speedbots and their V5 Controllers

  • Two identical empty boxes (large enough to fit a soccer ball)

  • One roll of tape

  • Stopwatch

  • Open area with walls at least 3m x 3m (recommended size) with both boxes placed at opposite ends (think soccer field with walls!)

Teacher Tips icon Teacher Tips

  • Set up the challenge field in advance if you are concerned about maximizing classroom time.

  • Secure the boxes to the floor using tape so that the boxes do not move when a goal is scored.

  • Place barriers, if possible, along the sides of the field so that the ball is confined to the field space.