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The Challenge Layout shown above is the same dimensions as the VEX Robotics Competition Field. If you have VRC Field Perimeter and Tile kits, you can set up the challenge using them. If not, you can outline the dimensions of the field using tape.

The preparation stage is intended to familiarize students with the challenge field for the Package Dash Challenge and help them practice measuring. If time is a concern, set up the field ahead of time, show students the field and its precise measurements, and explain what they need to do for the challenge.

Prepare for the Package Dash Challenge

In this challenge, you will program your robot to pick up packages and bring them to the Loading Dock as fast as possible! To successfully complete this challenge, you need to create a project that drives the robot to specific places (the pink squares) in the warehouse, picks up packages (aluminum cans) from the shelves (stacks of textbooks), and drops them onto the Loading Dock. The Loading Dock is a taped off area on the floor.

Ask your teacher if your team should set up the Package Dash Challenge.
When the Challenge field is ready, you should measure all of the driving distances and heights of the packages (cans) so that you can precisely plan and program.

To complete the challenge you will need:

  • 12 x 12 ft. or 3.66 x 3.66 m open area

  • Optional: VRC Field Perimeter and Tile kits.

  • Roll of tape

  • 9+ textbooks

    • Each stack of three books should be between 7 and 11 in. or 200 and 300 mm high.

  • 3 aluminum cans

  • A ruler or meter stick to measure distances

  • Stopwatch

Teacher Tips icon Teacher Tips

  • Mark with tape where the front wheels of the robot will be placed within the Start Zone and where the cans will be placed within the Loading Dock so that the starting and ending positions for each run doesn't change. This will allow students to achieve consistent and repeatable results during the challenge.

  • The Loading Dock does not need to be raised. It can be raised for a further challenge, but it is not a requirement. The challenge written as-is has the Loading Dock as a taped off area on the floor.

  • Three stacks of three books can be modified as needed as long as the cans sit at the required distance above the floor. That will require teams to program the Clawbot to lift its arm. Each stack does not need to be the exact same height. Students should be allowed time to measure each.

  • The three aluminum cans should all be the same size in diameter (12-ounce cans) so that the Claw can repeat the same grasp. However, this challenge can be increased by using cans of different diameters.