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The Workcell E-stop

Materials Required:
Quantity Materials Needed
1 per group

V5 Workcell

1 per group

VEXcode V5

1 per group

Engineering Notebook

1 per group

Device to run VEXcode V5

1 per group

Micro-USB cable

In this section, you will code an emergency stop (E-stop) button using VEXcode V5.

Emergency Estop

You will begin by creating a new project and adding the V5 Workcell and Bumper Switch devices to the Robot Configuration in VEXcode V5.

Once the devices are added, you will code the Bumper Switch to act as an E-stop button for the Workcell. Having an E-stop in the Workcell is important to keep you and others around you safe. If the Workcell begins to function in a way that was not intended, or you need to stop it from moving at any time, the E-stop provides a quick and accessible way to stop the Workcell.

After coding the Bumper Switch using VEXcode V5, you will complete the activity by testing the E-stop button on the Workcell to observe how using the E-stop button stops the VEXcode V5 project.

You will begin by creating a new project.