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Lesson 3: Block Shapes and Their Meaning

Block Shapes

You now know the basics of getting started with VEXcode VR. You probably noticed that the blocks in VEXcode VR all have different shapes. VEXcode VR blocks are puzzle-piece shapes that are used to create projects. As you saw in Lesson 2, the blocks connect to each other vertically like a puzzle. A series of connected blocks is called a stack.

Not only do the blocks have different shapes, but they also have a shaped slot for other blocks to be inserted into. If two blocks cannot be joined together, or if one block cannot be placed inside of another, VEXcode VR prevents the user from making the error. Also, the shape of each block has a specific meaning. Understanding block shapes and their meaning will be valuable as you begin creating VEXcode VR projects.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify and describe the five different block shapes in VEXcode VR.

The following Knowledge Base article discusses the five different shapes of VEXcode VR blocks and what each shape of the blocks tells you about its role in creating VEXcode VR projects.