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Lesson 1: Getting Started with VEXcode VR

VR Robot

This lesson will show you how to get started with VEXcode VR. This lesson will direct you to articles in the VEX Robotics Knowledge Base, as well as tutorial videos that are located inside of VEXcode VR.

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify how to launch VEXcode VR.
  • Identify the features of a VR Robot.
  • Identify the features of the VEXcode VR Playgrounds.
  • Identify how to access help in VEXcode VR.

VEXcode VR does not require a download in order to get started. VEXcode VR can be run on most popular browsers and on most devices. For more information on the browser supported by VEXcode VR, see this Knowledge Base article:

To launch VEXcode VR, go to

The following pop-up will appear when VEXcode VR is launched. Select “Students Get Started,” unless you are told by your instructor to login with a Class Code. 

VR pop-up upon launch of VEXcode VR

The VEX VR Robot is equipped with sensors, controls, and many physical features. In VEXcode VR, the robot is already preconfigured. This eliminates the need for a robot configuration or a predetermined template project that you would normally have to use with a physical robot. Read the following Knowledge Base article on VR Robot features:

A Playground is a virtual space in which your VR Robot can interact and move. VEXcode VR includes a variety of different playgrounds. Read the following Knowledge Base article to find more information on the VEXcode VR Playgrounds:

There is also help information located in VEXcode VR. Watch the following tutorial video to learn more.