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CS Level 1 - VEXcode VR Python

Unit 9 - Developing Algorithms


Using Python with VEXcode VR requires a VR Enhanced or Premium license. Make sure you are logged in with your class code and that the VR Logo in the top left corner is grey or gold.

In the Dynamic Castle Crasher Challenge the VR Robot will need to clear every castle off of the Dynamic Castle Crasher Playground. This Playground comes with a twist! Every time the Dynamic Castle Crasher Playground is reset, the layout of the castles will change. In this challenge, you will need to create an algorithm that instructs the VR Robot to complete the challenge for all possible Dynamic Castle Crasher Playground layouts.

image of the VR Robot on the Dynamic Castle Crasher Playground

The Dynamic Castle Crasher Problem

In previous Units, you crashed castles and navigated mazes on static Playgrounds. However, in a dynamic Playground, like the Dynamic Castle Crasher, the Playground changes each time it is reloaded, so the castles or maze walls are continually in new and unknown positions. Luckily, we can apply what we've learned about the sensors on the VR Robot and coding strategies to help us solve the Dynamic Castle Crasher problem successfully. You will learn about how to do this throughout this Unit, beginning with what an algorithm is, in the next Lesson.