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Code Base
Lab 2 - Code and Drive

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Discussion Prompts


  • What were the differences between driving the Code Base using the remote control versus coding?
  • Which method (using the remote control versus coding) was more accurate?
  • Which method was more repeatable?
  • What changes did you make to your project in order to navigate the slalom course?
  • How much of the course did you drive through in Play Part 2? What was challenging, and what was successful about your code?


  • What other things could you do with your Code Base if you know how to drive it with code?
  • If you were to drive through the rest of the course, what would you need to add to your code? Why?
  • What are some examples of real-world robot that use code?


  • How did your group take turns during the Lab? What would you like to work on in your group or change for next time?
  • What was challenging for you about creating a project in VEXcode GO? What do you think would help you be more successful next time?
  • What is one strategy your group used today that worked well, that you would like to use again?