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Implementing VEX GO STEM Labs

STEM Labs are designed to be the online teacher’s manual for VEX GO. Like a printed teacher’s manual, the teacher-facing content of the STEM Labs provides all of the resources, materials, and information needed to be able to plan, teach, and assess with VEX GO. The Lab Image Slideshows are the student-facing companion to this material. For more detailed information about how to implement a STEM Lab in your classroom, see the Implementing VEX GO STEM Labs article.

Goals and Standards


Students will apply

  • Using Drivetrain commands in VEXcode GO to drive an intended path.

Students will make meaning of

  • How coding in VEXcode GO can control the Code Base.

Students will be skilled at

  • Using build instructions to build the Code Base. 
  • Connecting a Brain to a tablet or computer in VEXcode GO.
  • Saving and naming projects in VEXcode GO.
  • Using example projects in VEXcode GO.
  • Modifying a project by adding and removing blocks.
  • Modifying a project by changing parameters in blocks.
  • Using the Help feature in VEXcode GO.
  • Starting and stopping projects in VEXcode GO.

Students will know

  • How to use commands in VEXcode GO to drive the Code Base.



  1. Students will demonstrate how to drive the Code Base using commands from the Drivetrain category in VEXcode GO.


  1. In Play Part 1, students will demonstrate driving the Code Base using the ‘Drivetrain Moves and Turns’ example project in VEXcode GO. In Play Part 2, they will use those blocks to create a new project to demonstrate how to drive the Code Base through the start of the slalom course.


  1. Students will demonstrate their projects to the teacher and the class in both Play Parts 1 and 2, to show how they are able to drive the Code Base using Drivetrain commands in VEXcode GO.

Connections to Standards